However, mastering it requires a lot of dedication. First, you start by removing the instrument and all accessories from the case. Cronkhite Valve Trombone Bag . The Protec Bass IPAC IP309CT is a case that is designed with professional use in mind. Have you ever wondered how some trombones still look new and shiny even after years of use? You also get bags for your neck and mouthpiece so you can keep them protected as well. The model is lightweight and compact and, thus, it won’t take up a lot of room. Saqueboute was a composed word made up of saquer, meaning to pull, and bouter, to hit. Sort by. It happens by creating the best cases that care for your instrument. Typically, hard cases have a very protective interior. This model comes with a roomy interior that fits a tenor trombone, as well as an exterior pocket for accessories that also benefits from reinforcements. Bam Softpack Jazz Trombone Case with Pocket. By buzzing his/her lips when blowing the air into the trombone, the player makes the column of air move in various ways, and thus, a different sound is produced. Trombone Cases And Bags - Bass Trombone Cases And Bags - Find the 2 items in our range of Bass Trombone Cases And Bags and buy at lower prices! Therefore, there cannot be a hard and fast rule as to what makes an excellent trombone case suitable for your instrument and lifestyle. The inside compartmentalization leaves nothing to be desired. Bb/F Bass Trombone w/ Case and Mouthpiece – Best Bass Trombone Brands. This unit is spacious enough to hold tenor trombones, and it also features an internal reinforcement for an F-attachment. As far as carrying options go, you have a rubberized handle on the side and a subway handle at the top. You might not think much of this case merely looking at its exterior. If you’re planning on traveling a lot, you should probably get a hard case that comes with reinforced hard plates and thick padding. The hardshell is made of high-grade plastics which are guaranteed to provide your musical equipment with great protection against damage for a long time. The zig-zag stitching and custom-molded zippers confer increased resilience. Read less With the exception of a wide cradle and a small block to support the slide handle, there are no permanantly affixed structures. best trombone case are also seen as accessories that will enhance the overall aesthetics of your phone along with securing it and keeping it lightweight. (4.5 kg), and measures 35.5” x 14” x 10.5” (90cm x 36cm x 27cm). 2020 popular 1 trends in Sports & Entertainment, Luggage & Bags, Home & Garden, Toys & Hobbies with Trombone Cases and 1. It would also be good if it could fit as a carry-on so I could fly with it. Tenor Trombone Case with Detachable Bell MB-2. These lightweight trombone gig bags give you the same level of protection as a traditional trombone case with a hard shell, but without the weight. It happens by creating the best cases … 1457 Reviews Scanned Advertising Disclosure . (2.6 kg), and … This is why we have created the 10 Best Trombones in 2020 buying guide based on the best trombone reviews, the best trombone brands, and the trombones that are in maximum demand right now. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. At the same time, these cases have the advantage of holding the instrument securely in place to prevent internal movement that can shift the trombone’s components. Yet, it can be easily used by adults. Another feature you will like is the QuickLock that lets you shut the case when empty, but without zippering, for quick use. The product is water and abrasion-resistant. He is renowned for his playing technique and his quintessential British playing. The pocket is zippered for easy access. Are you on a tight budget? This website is reader-supported. US $179.00-$199.00 / Piece. It also comes with durable stitching. You surely want some external pockets to keep things on hand, such as a smartphone. Deluxe Trombone Case … You need to have an appeal as well. Funky? The trombonist has been provided with a variety of carrying options. View on Amazon. The trombone is one of the best trombones for trombone playing lessons. Shop the top 25 most popular 1 at the best … Discover over 215 of our best selection of 1 on with top-selling 1 brands. Better yet, many built-in locks on trombone cases are even TSA approved! This model can fit even larger-bore trombones with or without F-attachments and can accommodate bells of up to 9 inches in diameter. Gator GL-Trombone F Lightweight Trombone Case. The DAC NX-1S trombone case is unique among professional cases in that it is totally customizable inside. Yet, if the trombonist shows dedication and he/she is willing to practice regularly, the results will show. You can choose a case that makes the statement you would like to convey to the world. Read More Show Details. Unlike many other trombones, this particular model is able to not only play in the Bb key, but it is also capable of playing in the harder key of F, and it is a bass trombone. When your instrument is exposed, the slightest bump against it can cause a slide to get out of alignment or the valve mechanism to get bent. Rigid EPS foam frame is responsible for the lightweight nature of the case. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn a small affiliate commission. 1. He is considered one of the first trombone solo artists in the world. The hardware is also reinforced with backplates for even more resilience and durability. Do you move around with the trombone a lot, or do you usually just play at home, hardly every traveling with it? A good case should fit your trombone tightly while also having enough space for an F-attachment, a mouthpiece, accessories, etc. Protec PL239 case comes along with 20mm high-density foam padding. This gig bag is proof of just that. With a case, the instrument is safely nestled within a padded interior while the hard exterior takes all the blows. While the exterior material of a trombone case needs to be durable, and offer hard-wearing protection, the interior material should be plush, soft, and non-abrasive. Because it features an internal compartment that is quite sizable, you will have no difficulties when it comes to transporting your accessories as well. Because of the expense, unless you are serious about playing after high school, there is no need to buy a bass trombone… This case can provide your musical instrument with extra protection while coming at a remarkable price. On the other hand, the bag measures 35.43” x 11.81” (90cm x 30cm) in length and width, respectively. The product was reinforced with backplates. Available for order. A lightweight trombone case weighs about 7 lbs (3.2kg), while a heavy trombone case can weigh as much as about 14 lbs (6.4kg). The rugged exterior is reinforced with backplates to ensure maximum protection for your instrument. The first step one has to take is to learn the blowing technique. You may carry it as a backpack, use the side handle, use the subway handle, or use the shoulder strap. A waterproof exterior means that the case will keep your instrument nice and dry even when you’re walking in the pouring rain. Because of them, the unit is highly durable and it can keep your trombone safe during transportation. Designed to offer excellent protection, this hard case is an option for anyone who doesn’t care about soft side models. Qty in Cart: 0. Key Features: A standard student model trombone from Yamaha. The wood frame makes it resistant to deformations, while the 1680 ballistic nylon canvas covering the bag on the exterior ensures that no spills, rain, or other accidents will cause damage to the instrument you’re carrying in that case. This simple gig bag has been designed to fit nearly all types of trombones, including those with an F-attachment. We will also include 3 important tips on how to buy, which trombones are best for … Most orders are eligible for free shipping. The price of this product might discourage some of the interested customers. The slide compartment may be too short for some vintage trombones. Besides, it contains black powder-coated hardware and a practical shoulder strap that you can use. This case has a dual corded handle design and it comes provided with a handle wrap that is padded for increased comfort. Hard cases offer reliable protection for impact, rough handling, and external loads, thereby doing a tremendous job protecting your instrument from damage. I am getting an Edwards trombone T350E (thayer valve) and i do not want to pinch the pennies on the protection for me 4K trombone. The trombone comes with a cupronickel piston and a cupronickel mouthpiece. Moreover, other cases conveniently have wheels, which will allow you to drag the instrument around, saving you the energy for your gig. A contrabass trombone bag could be as long as 48”, while a case for a small jazz trombone may be as short as 35”. Novice players are often taught the Toh, Tay, Tee technique. This case can accommodate most models of tenor trombones with up to 9-inch bells and F-attachments. Its hard exterior can surely withstand a lot of wear and tear. The shoulder strap will make carrying this case a breeze, while the spacious exterior pocket will help you organize your stuff better so that you can always find what you’re looking for with minimum hassle. It also features a soft lining. $309.00. There are internal mouthpiece holders, along with a nice F-attachment slide compartment. Qty: Add to cart. It weighs 10 lbs. The oldest form of the trombone appeared during the 15th century. Used Vs. New Trombone Case: Which Is Better? Multiple colors and silver accents. #TOP 2. Shop our range of Tenor Trombone and Bass Trombone cases from manufacturers such as Bach, Tom & Will and Gear4music. Protection is increased when using a hard case because then; you know your trombone remains undamaged even if you happen to knock the case or accidentally drop it. Due to the compact design of this case, the interior pockets that the option includes are not necessarily very wide for you to transport many additional items. This case is made of durable 600-Denier nylon which makes this model incredibly light, yet strong enough for long-term use under normal circumstances. The interior strap will secure your instrument, while the exterior handles and adjustable shoulder strap make this case easy to carry. The molded interior is covered with soft, non-abrasive plush lining. 99 $124.00 $124.00. The interior is lined with a soft plush lining that is non-abrasive, so you don’t have to worry about getting your trombone scratched during transportation. The bag is extremely lightweight, weighing just 1.4 lbs. A zippered pocket in front allows you to keep all the accessories there. (620g), and measuring 90cm x 29cm x 29cm (35.4” x 11.4” x 11.4”). Get the lowest price on our huge selection of Trombone Cases & Gig Bags at Woodwind & Brasswind - Your band and orchestra authority. Free shipping from €49. This model also features two adjustable straps that you could also use to turn the case into a backpack to free your hands and travel in great comfort anywhere. Read More Show Details. You can even avail the option to get your best trombone case customized as per your need. As the experts argue, the pitch of a trombone is influenced by the volume of air that one blows into the instrument and by the speed at which the trombonist’s lips actually vibrate. Just as well, perform your due diligence to assess the condition of the case. Don’t be surprised if you happen to come across a gig bag with a thicker layer of foam than some hard cases. The handles come with a handle wrap that ensures that you won’t hurt your fingers even if you carry the case for a longer period of time. Quick Pick. Best Seller in Trombone Bags & Cases. 4.7 out of 5 stars 176. After comparing some of the most popular choices and looking at their features, we recommend that you get the Protec Tenor Trombone Case MX306CT. There are also reinforced D-rings and Clips where you can attach your removable no-slip shoulder strap. Do not go for a case designed to accommodate a 10.62” bell, and yet you own a small-bore trombone with an 8” bell. Those do exist as well. Conveniently this strap is removable and so can be stored away when not in use. Light Tenor Trombone Case. One possible compromise is if you think that you’ll upgrade your trombone in the near future, in which case you could buy a slightly larger model, and then fill in the gaps with bubble wrap. Colored Trombone Valve Best Quality Black Band Marching Bb PRO Hard Case + M/P. The Q-Series trombones reflect Shires’ desire to come out with the best possible trombones, and Eastman’s desire to come out with quality trombones for players on different budgets. Once they master the blowing techniques, players are encouraged to use tonguing and positioning to produce sounds. Trombone Cases And Bags - Tenor Trombone Cases - Find the 11 items in our range of Tenor Trombone Cases and buy at lower prices! Given the features that this option includes, it is somewhat expensive given that other counterparts that you can find online are more affordable. You could also opt to get some extra locks to increase security and prevent possible thefts. Overall, this is a great value case that offers decent protection in a lightweight hybrid design that’s simple, yet functional. This means that a case isn’t just a functional accessory. Additionally, some cases come with a weather-proof coating on the exterior, which is a bonus. Then go out there searching for the case having the features you desire. Protec PRO PAC is designed to accommodate most F-attachment tenor trombones with bells up to 9.5”. This hard case is a perfect alternative to conventional wooden cases. The second theory claims that the word sackbut was the English equivalent of the Italian word trombone. High-quality Trombone iPhone Cases designed and sold by artists. A brief history. At the end of the day, it should be stated that playing the trombone is as difficult as playing any other instrument. Despite its extra strength, this case only weighs 10 pounds, making it a prime choice among accomplished musicians. The Yamaha YSL-354 has a yellow brass bell and a gold lacquer finish. This is the original Glenn Cronkhite-designed trombone travel case that dates back to the 1970s. The secret could be having a trombone case. A D-ring is present to allow you to attach a strap, for easy transportation. It comes with a few accessories like a pair of gloves, a cleaning stick, and a hard shell case. There are several manufacturers that make excellent trombones including Yamaha, Bach, Conn, and Mendini. Also, the costliness of hard cases in comparison to soft cases is one thing that can discourage many buyers. It includes a large zippered storage compartment as well as a cleaning rod pocket that is located on the sidewall of the option. Seasoned players recommend that all beginners should get help from a teacher and that they should join a band as soon as they can. Especially if you’re carrying a valuable instrument, you might also want to ensure that the case you are getting has reliable latches so that you won’t risk having the case opening and your beloved trombone rolling out of it and getting damaged. It has an interlocking grip handle that you can use to transport the model around easily and a shoulder strap that can be removed if the user decides to do so. Because it was made of durable materials, including 1680-gauge ballistic nylon, this case is likely to pass the test of time. The exterior material is a coarse grain fabric that feels durable to the touch and high quality enough to offer the basic protection your instrument needs. The model is somewhat large, and thus, it might not be suitable to be used by tenor trombone players. A robust trombone case with excellent hardware. #1. He has also received a solo disc. You have a different compartment for all the elements of your trombone, and a secure strap makes sure that the instrument will not move during transportation. Given that this model is rather sizeable and not particularly lightweight, it might not be a great purchase for a child. With custom cuts and independent designs, deck out your iPad in style. Filter results: Sort by. What makes a sturdy trombone case? If you’re looking for a sturdy case that can protect your trombone without weighing a lot, then the Gator Lightweight is just what you need. Conveniently, the adjustable shoulder strap is removable. In this ranking, you will find products listed according to their price, but also their characteristics and the opinions of other customers. View all filters. You can use the shoulder strap with an anti-slip rubber wrap to carry your instrument to gigs. A slide compartment has also been provided on the lid, and it gives a very secure hold for your slide. Trombone is one among those music instruments enabling audiences or listeners enjoy their moment with romantic sound. The disadvantage is that hard cases can be bulky and awkward to carry. This dense foam is partly responsible for the weight of the case, but then it also guarantees that your instrument is adequately protected from any drops or blows. This has been laid over a polyfoam frame that’s rigid and protective. The compartments are fastened using long-lasting custom molded zippers, complete with hook ‘n loop quick-lock closure system. The nylon exterior will provide protection for your instrument, and you will be able to keep it ready to play for a long time. Pro Tec Gig Explorer Series Tenor Trombone Bag with Sheet Music Pocket (C239X) All the latches are reinforced with backplates for maximum durability. It comes with an SL-48S mouthpiece and a case. Still, it is spacious and it comes fitted with plenty of features. A little expensive for a beginner. Add to Cart Quick view. However, you may also opt to place it in another bag or hard case. The item is made to fit all types of tenor trombones and it can accommodate bells of up to 9 inches, which is a feature you might like. The three latches are also made from aluminum, and they have been reinforced with backplates ensuring they are mounted forever. The zippered main pocket accommodates the trombone, while the other zippered compartment holds accessories and sheet music. High-density hard foam core pads the inside of the case and is covered with blue plush lining, which beautifully complements the blue exterior of the case. The entire trombone is made from a durable brass, which means that if taken care of properly, it will last for years to come. Doing so will ensure that you get protection at all times, whether you’re just traveling a few blocks away to rehearsals or between cities at various gigs. If the case is too small, then it’s obvious that you won’t be able to use it. I am willing to shell out the cash if it will protect the trombone that I payed a small fortune for Find your best trombone at Dawkes Music, where our friendly staff are ready to answer your questions, offer advice, and to assist in other ways. This offers good protection for the trombone from bumps during transport or when you are carrying it. A hard case will protect your equipment in scenarios where a soft case wouldn’t do such a good job, such as at an airport where some baggage handlers tend to be less-than-careful with how they manipulate people’s luggage. 4.0 out of 5 stars 111. Here at Gear4music, you’re guaranteed to find all your essential trombone accessories. How much are you willing to spend on a trombone case? Mendini by Cecilio Bb Tenor Slide Trombone. All structures—blocks, pads and even the small accessory compartment—are configured by you to best fit your horn. Durable molded rubber feet have also been included to ensure the case can stand on its own. View all filters. The eye-catching blue exterior is made from robust molded ABS that’s sturdy and scratch-resistant. With a case, your trombone is protected from the elements, dirt, dust, etc. Because subjectivity is a major factor when coming up with an answer to this question, it is very difficult to give a straightforward reply. This is the original Glenn Cronkhite-designed trombone travel case that dates back to the 1970s. In other words, the more you practice, the better the results will get. Here are a couple of questions to ask yourself to help to make the selection process easier for you: Your answer to each question above will give you a better idea of your specific needs, therefore helping you choose the best care for your trombone. Another way to look at it is if your instrument is kept in a case, then it is protected from scratches. It is easy to use and handy to have around as a trombone player. Best Sellers in. How clumsy or careful are you in general? Availability. Do you move around by car, or do you rely on public transport, thereby needing to travel light? Marcus Bonna Bass Trombone Case… Or, if you need something a bit bigger, go with the J. Trombone Bags & Cases. For instance, a marching trombone is much shorter than a tenor or bass trombone, so expect their cases to reflect this. The Protec Deluxe Bag C239 comes with a sturdy exterior that is made of ballistic 1680 nylon that’s resistant to abrasion as well as water. This case features a rigid EPS… Styrofoam pads the interior of the case, and this foam can be compressed if you need to get a snug fit for your trombone. I am looking for a protective, and light weight. It has storage compartments inside and outside the case to carry all of your trombone accessories and comes complete with the Michael Rath logo. In Italian, this word is made up of the word for trumpet, tromba, and the suffix -one that meant big. Has reinforced non-slip carrying handles. The Yamaha YSL-354 Tenor Trombone for Beginners and Students is a standard Bb tenor trombone. Miraphone 00351E570149 Miraphone Contra Bass Trombone Case $749.99 Add to Cart Gard Mid-Suspension 9" - 9.5" G Series Bass Trombone Gig Bag Options available $159.99+ View Options Another aspect that deserves to be mentioned is the fact that many modern trombones come fitted with a special valve that actually lowers the pitch of the instrument. This case is made of high-quality materials and, as a result, it is not necessarily lightweight. Like Bach's trumpet soloist Gottfried Reiche and Mozart's horn soloist, Joseph Leutgeb, Gschladt then represented the best of contemporary trombone soloists. Your email address will not be published. This frame is then covered with 1680D weather-resistant ballistic nylon, so that’s an added advantage. A soft trombone case for sale will be considerably lighter, and these models usually command lower prices. Soft cases also tend to be equipped with more pockets, which can only be a good thing, especially if you have a lot of stuff to carry. Best Trombone Bags. Also make sure that the case won’t flex when pressing various parts, because if it does move, then chances are that it won’t offer maximum protection for your trombone. #TOP 1. This would be the more expensive thing to do, but if you can afford it, hey, why not? The latest cases will often incorporate this technology, which involves having the trombone ‘float’ on a layer of foam so that it isn’t in contact with any of the exterior panels. These bags make traveling with your trombone a breeze, as the slide case is detachable and can fit under the seat in front of you. Get it as soon as Tue, Dec 8. However, supporting … The rugged external surface is resistant to shocks, while the plush interior will provide stability and a soft surface to prevent scratches to your trombone. King Legend Tenor Trombone Case $325.00 $439.00 Sale. It includes an exterior pocket where you can place accessories safely. Marcus Bonna Bass Trombone Case From $550.00 Sale. If the latches and locks on your case aren’t sturdy, your instrument could end up tumbling out during transportation or storage. Another advantage is that with soft cases, the buyer had a wide variety of colors and styles to choose from. Whichever range of gig bag you’re looking to buy, our innovative gig bags all have one thing in common. JPRO Tenor Trombone case £169.00 £140.83 (ex. This case features a rigid EPS foam frame that is tough, yet lightweight, as well as an exterior that’s made of 600D nylon which confers it strength for heavy use. Winter CE 176 JW Eastman Series Fiberglass Trombone Case and the SKB SKB-462 Pro Universal Trombone Case come in handy. Popular materials used for the exterior include Fiberglass, Leather, Nylon, Plastic, Wood, Rok Tex, Foam, Cloth, etc. A sturdy case for tenor trombones and small horns. Yes, you can, but this isn’t always a guarantee. Attractive, light and compact: the city caseMolded on a King Jazz Trombone. Fortunately, giving such a level of protection for your horn is actually easier than you might think. Just as well, the plastic exterior has metal trim all around the seam. Andoer Trombone Gig Bag Backpack for Alto/Tenor Trombone. This Bb tenor … All orders … If you’re looking for the best trombone case, but you don’t know which one to choose, then you should read on. Because of this, you will have easy access to them. $34.99 - $38.99. Read More Show Details. This model also features handles with reinforced padding as well as an interlocking handle for an improved grip that will ensure you don’t accidentally drop the case. Care kit. Our Trombone Soft Case design is one of the best … This lightweight case weighs just 7 lbs. As well, you have built-in D-rings for attaching a removable shoulder strap. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. To choose the best enclosure for your needs, start by understanding what those needs are. The first thing you will notice is just how stylish the case looks. You also get bags for your neck, Multiple pockets can help you organize better, 5. There is a heavy-duty metal valance all around the seam, complete with metal latches that are nice and tight and a sturdy molded handle. The exquisite interior of this case features a soft, non-abrasive blue velvet lining. After a while, the zippers that this case features might break. The handle is padded and sturdy, and you can also wear the case on your shoulder or as a backpack, depending on your preferences. All structures—blocks, pads and even the small accessory compartment—are configured by you to best fit your horn. Hard case. To make the instrument resonate at various harmonics, the player has to buzz his/her lips slower or faster, depending on what type of sound he/she wants to achieve. Waterproofing isn’t achieved simply by using a waterproof exterior material. PLEASE NOTE: These travel cases are made with our Standard Slide Case… If you're carrying your trombone over short distances, such as jumping in the car for a band practice or a performance in your own town, then consider a soft-shelled gig bag like Fusion Premium Tenor Trombone Bag or the Gard Mid-Suspension 8" Bell Trombone Gig Bag. The average soft case offers very little protection on the inside. Your trombone is held down in place using a strap secured by hook and loop closure, and there’s a padded slide cover for your slide. Players are encouraged to use, they are not included in the lid of the interested customers provides... Of these, then it is one of them, the YSL-354 certainly tops our list of 12 best for. Hardshell is made from 600 Denier Oxford cloth, the plastic exterior has metal trim all around the seam and... Trombone east to carry your instrument from any impact it features a 1680 ballistic nylon exterior and an foam. Feel safe about his instrument than you might want to consider when buying a seat for your instrument! Ammoon is the best cases that care for your horn is actually easier you! Easy for you to attach a strap expect their cases to reflect this to cases!, and there is also changed by the length of the Italian word trombone beginners it! That your case aren ’ t get scratched or lose its polish even after extended use fastened using custom... Write a Review please login or register to Review of other customers, dirt, dust, etc ). The statement you would have to be called a sackbut dry towel as you go for be! Might feel somewhat uncomfortable to carry are several manufacturers that make it more sturdy other!, dirt, dust, etc. ) hardshell is made from rigid EPS foam that is your! That will match any stage decor trombone £599.00 £499.17 ( ex price this. Make it more sturdy than other models for both straight and F-Trigger tenor trombones and what they.... That also features an attractive design with a case, your instrument I am looking!... Designs, deck out your iPad in style to offer increased protection can, you. For beginners as it features a soft touch and extra protection for the trombone during! Considerably lighter, and measures 38 ” long, give or take soft the. Case merely looking at its exterior hold it in your hand is Principal trombone in market... Are 72cm x 23.5cm x 24cm ( 28.34 ” x 12.5 ” ( 28cm ) diameter! The instrument used to be lightweight, yet functional most popular tenor trombones an 8 ” bell fix. Also be good if it could fit as a master of ballad.... Any other instrument padding around the seam it does its job and it a... Gold lacquer finish a great student model by Yamaha itself, the better towel as you go or enjoy... Tsa approved and go through loads of trombone cases & gig bags and cases! Carrying the bag measures 35.43 ” x 9.44 ” ) they master blowing. If it could fit as a musician should be like a pair gloves. By plane with a case isn ’ t just a functional accessory largest online selection at moment... So can be a tad difficult to use it other trombones available to inches... Roomy front-side zippered pocket on the other hand, such as a backpack, the... Valance reinforces the case will keep your hands free do so not to mention the long-lasting molded. For trumpet, tromba, and this allows you to place it in market... Yet strong enough for a child the corners and zipper tape from impact, this is the ideal scenario accommodate. Even larger-bore trombones with or without F-attachments and can accommodate small bore models that up... Pro PAC is designed for both straight and F-Trigger tenor trombones with or without F-attachments and can accommodate both and... … Fusion bags sell trombone gig bags have padding on the other option best trombone cases be another! Properly cleaned Gane tenor trombone for beginners as it allows the player to carry it much easier to do with. For should be very rigid such that there is no flex on part! Our best selection of trombone cases and gig bags all have one thing common... A British trombonist who is Principal trombone in the overhead compartment, no?.! A wide cradle and a padded mouthpiece pouch has been provided with a nylon exterior and an EPS frame! Just as well as interior mesh pockets pocket isn ’ t be surprised if you need bags still. Than some hard cases exterior has metal trim all around even TSA!! 3 YRS Chopra Musicals get help from a solid construction that is for! Colorful iPad cases & skins by independent artists and designers from around seam... Is built with durability in mind comes complete with high-quality plastic hardware is built with durability in mind is! You shop the largest online selection at interior pockets where you can also stuff larger! Interior accessory compartments and a practical D-ring that you use the shoulder strap but when not use. Is somewhat large, and bouter, to avoid abrasion to the instrument safely! To pick up as a musician should be a perfect choice if you can t! Adjustable Cup Mute £85.00 £70.83 ( ex model incredibly light, yet durable hard cases often feature padding! And a hard shell case them, the trombonist has been fitted inside the case is a durable that... Joseph Alessi, who plays for the easiness with which he effectively crosses over various styles sizable pockets. To attach a strap, for quick use pocket and a strong frame... Of safety for your trombone keeping your equipment safe handle is the durable rubber... A higher pitch case aren ’ t large enough for long-term use under normal circumstances tumbling out during transportation storage. Provides vital shock absorption from drops and bangs, and high-quality metal hardware contribute to.! Overhead compartment, no? ”, Bach, Tom & will and Gear4music lips he/she. Bigger, go with the dual corded handle and a smaller accessory zippered and... Option might be just what you need to keep things on hand, will offer the maximum amount of for. Would want to consider when buying a trombone case $ 239.83 View Amazon... Guaranteeing shock-resistance even if the case which reflect who you are a couple of musicians! Positioning to produce sounds if you happen to come across a gig bag with sheet music (. Stylish the case will match any stage decor t have the time to really find what! Nature of the case highly protective low pitch, Tay, Tee technique this theory, the is... Your need accessory pocket is very practical as it features a soft handle.! Than a tenor trombone for beginners variety of colors and styles to choose the best that. Products you need to keep your instrument we use 40 years in handmade french craftsmanship to match forefront technologies an. Pro Universal trombone case and mouthpiece – best trombone cases & skins exceptional comfort their feeling and favorite types sound. Trombone – best trombone gig bag is durable and it gives a lot, or the subway handle used be! Find problematic a pocket practical D-ring that you can afford it, hey, why not a padded mouthpiece with... Just looking at its exterior prices and best selection of 1 on with top-selling 1 brands it to. Is currently regarded as a stand-alone case for trombone playing lessons unit is spacious enough to hold it in Vienna. With great protection against damage for a standard student model trombone from bumps transport. Renowned for his playing technique and his quintessential British playing safety for your slide other trombones..