Be a well rounded, interesting individual that stands out. Tutorials that are taken for elective credit may be taken for a quality grade or on a pass/fail basis. Fall 2020 FREN-001 Introductory French IA. SFS Students and the 2020 Election. Participation in the Krogh seminar is by application. Course Descriptions: Spring 2021. The foreign language honor societies are listed under “Awards of the Faculty of Languages and Linguistics.”. As a rule, students take no more than two tutorials in the course of their undergraduate careers, although special arrangements in place of honors in some SFS majors might fall outside this guideline. Please refer to individual sections for course descriptions. Students must successfully complete a minimum 120 credits. They are encouraged to become engaged citizens, and upon graduation, students will have the knowledge and ingenuity necessary to serve their communities and the world. Courses that fulfill requirements for core curriculum, major, minor, certificate or fellows programs must be taken for a letter grade. Tutorials should represent an intellectual commitment and workload similar to that required of a normal three-credit course. Becoming a political activist may endanger one’s safety or that of one’s colleagues in the program, and will almost certainly jeopardize the program itself. Finally, students are taught to conduct independent research. The backbone of any reading tutorial is a substantial reading list put together with the help of the supervising professor. Regulations particular to the School of Foreign Service include, but are not limited to the following: At the conclusion of each semester, the Committee on Academic Standards (Standards Committee) convenes to review the academic records of all undergraduates in the School of Foreign Service. Select the desired Schedule Type to find available classes for the course. They also direct students to members of the faculty who share their interests in one or more areas, and these introductions are among the most fruitful ways of identifying professors to serve as mentors in the major during junior and senior years. To understand science as a set of methods of inquiry that involve forming and testing hypotheses through the analysis of quantitative and qualitative data. A student who has graduated from a secondary school in which the language of instruction was a modern language other than English may have already fulfilled the language proficiency requirement. Students may be suspended for one or more semesters because of unsatisfactory academic performance or failing to meet the terms of academic probation. To fulfill the history requirement, students study global history distributed over three courses: an introductory course that exposes students to the discipline and methods of history, a macro-integrative history course that surveys the processes of change across broad swathes of time and space, and a regional survey course that introduces students in depth to a non-Western region of the world. The School of Foreign Service offers undergraduates a wide range of fellowships and programs for research and study. This pattern begins during the first year and continues to develop. Tutorials represent a teaching overload for professors, so students cannot expect that faculty members will necessarily agree to offer tutorials at their convenience. Students are required to complete at least half of the coursework for an SFS major at Georgetown. Participants are expected to comply with the laws of the country where they are studying and those of the countries in which they travel. Courses fulfilling the Engaging Diversity Requirement may double count towards the fulfillment of other curricular requirements. Each proseminar is limited to 15 students in order to promote intensive interaction and camaraderie among students and professors. Usually, tutorials involve one student and one faculty member, although occasionally a group of two or three students will band together to pursue a subject of common interest. Students may appear in person to support their case. Students must successfully complete a minimum of 38 courses (each with at least 3 credits) and 120 credits. In this section, you can see our current courses, course descriptions by year, archived courses or concentration descriptions. Thorough language study builds both linguistic competency and develops cultural literacy—a goal of the SFS curriculum. This requirement prepares students to be responsible, reflective, self-aware and respectful global citizens. The Science requirement can be fulfilled by either INAF-180 SFS Science or one of the Science for All courses. At least one of these courses must examine early history and one late history. SFS 102 Fire Service Safety and Survival (3 Credits) This course broadens the scope of the national firefighter life-safety initiatives and emphasizes their importance to firefighters and on up the ranks through management levels. they allow students the opportunity to draw upon courses from departments across the University). All candidates for a Bachelor’s degree from the School of Foreign Service must complete the following requirements: The curriculum is governed by the SFS Curriculum Committee, and is delivered and administered by the faculty and the SFS Curricular Deans. To understand the basic principles and some current research challenges of one or more areas of science. In cases of dismissal, students are permanently separated from Georgetown. Courses Open sub-navigation Close sub-navigation. “First Honors” is awarded to students who earn a 3.900 GPA or higher; “Second Honors” is awarded to those who earn at least a 3.700 GPA, and students who earn at least a 3.500 achieve the “Dean’s List,” provided that there are no failing grades that semester. Select the Course Number to get further detail on the course. Most SFS Graduate Certificates can be completed concurrently with the M.A. Recent SFS science courses include The Science of Extinction and De-Extinction and Examining Crises Through the Lens of Science. With the exception of summer school courses listed in the usual departments of the four undergraduate schools on campus (College, SFS, MSB and NHS), SFS students may not enroll in courses offered through the School of Continuing Studies for its various degrees, certificates, and special programs. This knowledge and these skills are vital for international service and are part of Georgetown’s commitment to educating the whole person. Previous Course Schedules. Students acquire foundational knowledge in international politics through GOVT-060 International Relations and GOVT-040 Comparative Political Systems. A student may take the proficiency exam offered by the language departments at Georgetown. Knowledge of International Trade and Finance are vital in international affairs. The School of Foreign Service strongly believes that a period of study in another country can contribute an invaluable intercultural dimension and language-learning opportunity to the educational preparation of all who aspire to international careers. Law students looking for the schedule of classes on the law campus should use the curriculum guide. P. +1 (202) 687-5854 To understand difficult global problems, SFS students need knowledge from many academic disciplines. Transfer credit for courses (including study abroad courses and non-GU summer courses) in excess of half of a major will be counted as free electives toward the degree. Students who successfully complete the seminar receive the Peter F. Krogh medal at the annual Tropaia ceremony during graduation weekend. Phone: (202) 687-6061. Students may not request early or alternative examinations to facilitate departure before the end of the program. All seniors are required to complete a Senior Review during the penultimate semester to obtain confirmation of final degree requirements and to apply for the degree. Upon graduation, final academic honors are determined by the cumulative GPA. No notation of academic probation is made on the transcript. Modified options are available in Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, and Russian-speaking parts of the world. For example, a reading course on the origins of the French Revolution might focus on the major historiographical interpretations of the Revolution as well as on critiques of this literature. Washington DC. These courses should also enhance and broaden students’ appreciation of the significant role that science plays in their daily lives. A student who successfully completes a one semester Georgetown-Approved direct matriculation study abroad program meets the language proficiency requirement. While on probation, students are expected to complete at least twelve credit hours and earn a semester GPA of 2.00 as a full time student in twelve credit hours. The School of Foreign Service educates the next generation of world leaders. Degree Requirements and information about the Capstone / Internship Project can be found on the links at the top left of this page. Broaden Your Perspective You’ll engage with a community of students, faculty, and alumni from 75+ countries who contribute a range of insights, backgrounds, and experiences. It should be emphasized that the Appeals Board is an educational hearing board and not a court of law. These programs combine a heavy emphasis on language acquisition with a limited selection of coursework in English, often with a regional focus. Washington, D.C. 20057-1005., Certification for Emerging Market Economy and Financial Analysts, Multinational Corporations & Global Value Chains, Political Economy of Cities: Latin America & Asia, Big Data in Business, Economics & Society, ENERGY: Players, Markets & Project Finance, The Modern Global Economy: Looking Forward: Policy & Business. Note:  “full-time” status for the purpose of computing honors requires that a student be enrolled in at least twelve credits of coursework for which quality points are awarded. The proficiency exam is separate from the final course exam and is evaluated on a pass or fail basis. Students may fulfill the writing requirement through WRIT-015 or AP/IB credit. Students must fulfill the foreign language proficiency requirement as outlined herein. The SFS Core Curriculum lays the academic foundation for entry into one of eight interdisciplinary majors that will be outlined below. Students complete many of the core courses during their freshman and sophomore years. Students are expected to complete their language proficiency requirement before being approved for study abroad in a language other than the proficiency target language (including sites where English is the language of instruction) unless they have received explicit approval from the SFS Standards Committee. Each major is governed by its respective field committee. Normally, tutorials are given by full-time faculty members to full-time students in good academic standing. Each student is able to build up a network of professors who are knowledgeable about different aspects of his or her studies, as well as a rapport with one or more members of the Dean’s Office staff. Schedule of Classes To search the class schedule, simply click the link above, select your term, and execute your search. Finally, you will be taught to conduct independent research. In addition to the obvious examples of physics, chemistry, and biology, this includes the geosciences and emergent interdisciplinary fields such as neuroscience and environmental sciences, as well as others. Please select a Catalog term and choose Submit to proceed to the Course Search page. Students must complete at least half of the degree program (60 credits) in residence. This combination of advanced coursework and the interdisciplinary approach prepares students to be effective problem-solvers in a wide range of career fields. A complex issue like war, for example, requires students to understand politics, economics, history, science, religion, and culture, among other areas of study. The University core requirements are completed as follows: The primary goal of INAF-180 is to illustrate, in the context of a scientific discipline or disciplines, how scientific understanding is developed, tested, and revised, but not to provide a comprehensive summary of current knowledge in a particular discipline. Current and Past Course Descriptions Fall 2019 Spring 2019 Fall 2018 Spring 2018 Fall 2017 For additional archived course descriptions, please visit the Registrar’s website. Students are required to complete one natural science course chosen from the list of courses approved for the requirement. This is a subject for careful planning and consultation with the curricular dean responsible for coordination of the major. Students on elective leave of absence may not transfer credit for courses taken elsewhere during their leave. This scale makes it possible for students, faculty members, and deans to interact with one another on a personal basis. Georgetown Law Curriculum Essays All students are required to maintain continuous enrollment in a foreign language course each semester until or unless they have fulfilled the foreign language proficiency requirement. The intergovernmental game is developed further to understand trade treaty negotiations in ECON-242/243 International Economics/Trade. A request to waive any of these requirements must be made in writing to the SFS Committee on Academic Standards through the student’s dean. Study global issues through a gender lens this Spring! Students may petition their dean to replace the second regional survey with an upper-level history seminar that continues regional studies from the first survey course or another macro-integrative history with a regional focus. You can narrow your search by selecting other options, however, be careful to select SFS Qatar as Part of Term each time to ensure that you are only searching among courses offered at the Qatar Campus. This knowledge and these skills are vital for international service and are part of Georgetown’s commitment to educating the whole person. Cross-School Undergraduate Programs and Opportunities, The Washington Consortium of Universities, Degree Requirements and Academic Policies, Undergraduate Bulletin section on Studying, Grades and Credit, Georgetown Office of Fellowships, Awards, and Research. Taking one of the majors, International Political Economy, as an example, seven of the SFS Core requirements (ECON-001 Microeconomic Principles, ECON-002 Macroeconomic Principles, ECON-243 International Trade, ECON-244 International Finance, GOVT-060 International Relations, GOVT-040 Comparative Political Systems and PHIL-099 Political & Social Thought) serve as foundational courses for the major, acting as pre or co-requisites. The Appeals Board may not recommend a more severe judgment. In spring 2020, Science, Technology and International Affairs Lecturer Clare Fieseler launched a new Science for All course called Rising Seas, Warming Oceans. Students who fail the exam should consult with a member of the appropriate language department about the additional coursework necessary to prepare for reexamination. INAF-100 Freshman Proseminar and PHIL-099 Political & Social Thought introduce students to academic reading, writing and discussion, through intense assignments, small group interactions, and close instructor attention. A student may take the proficiency exam on-site at the end of a Georgetown-Approved, summer intensive language program that offers the exam. Georgetown SFS-Q Adds 10 New Courses 23 August 2014 Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in Qatar (SFS-Q) is delighted to announce that, in addition to the already diverse selection of classes open to students, it will be offering at least 10 new courses for the Spring 2013 semester never before available on the Doha campus. A course designed to develop supervisory management skills to include communications, techniques of critique, social actions, personnel evaluation procedures, problem-solving, and role playing. ECON-242 International Economics, ECON-243 International Trade, or ECON-244 International Finance (Note: International Economics, International Political Economy, and Global Business majors require both ECON-243 and ECON-244 as prerequisites or co-requisites. Note that AP credit, Science for All courses, Core Pathways science courses and SFS science classes (INAF 100s) do not meet the STIA science prerequisite. One of their primary responsibilities is to help students work out an academic program that will enable them to complete their studies on schedule while also pursuing interests in elective subjects. Undergraduate students are expected to be full-time. Students who fail a course, earn a semester or cumulative GPA below 2.00, or who fail to earn a minimum of twelve credits are automatically placed on probation. CORE COURSES For more information about major/minor requirements, please visit our requirements page. Note: To view past presentations, use the search box on the Course Catalog Home Page A student may only request this examination when he/she has taken the appropriate preparatory coursework determined by the relevant language department. Students are also able to satisfy routine social needs and to discuss themselves, their studies, and their plans for the future. Students must attain a final cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or better. Classes offered by the SFS will focus on the science around important international policy issues such as global infectious disease, climate change, and weapons of mass destruction. Most examinations entail:  a) a reading comprehension component in which the student is given time alone to read an article on a topic in international affairs;  b) an oral conversation in which the student is asked to summarize the article, to answer questions relating to it, and to respond to questions on the culture and civilization of the language area. Academic suspensions are noted on the transcript. Use the search panel on the left to find and narrow down courses of interest. No more than four courses may be taken in summer school away from Georgetown in the course of completing the undergraduate degree. Counseling about course choices takes place in the Dean’s Office. All course assignments and examinations must be completed by the time of departure from the country at the end of the semester. Students who are suspended may not transfer credits to Georgetown earned elsewhere during the suspension period. The second theology requirement may be fulfilled with any intermediate-level theology course from THEO 001-199. To determine whether or not the Standards Committee made significant and material error in its procedures or in its application of academic policy; and. There are four ways a student can fulfill the language requirement. The majors are interdisciplinary (i.e. Low cumulative and/or semester grade point averages, Failures (including a grade of U in Map of the Modern World), Failure to enroll in required classes or make progress toward the degree, Failure to enroll in a foreign language if the proficiency requirement is not completed, Unauthorized incomplete courses (which are treated as failing grades). Internship project can be found on the course Number to get further on! Participants are expected to remain observers of political activities rather than participants and parts... Failing to meet the terms of academic regulations governing the regular curriculum are applicable to.! Pattern begins during the suspension is determined by the relevant language department well rounded, interesting individual that stands.. Abroad program meets the language departments at Georgetown, please refer to the use of quantitative and data... Problem of God, or THEO-011 introduction to the use of quantitative and qualitative data the Krogh seminar always a. Listed under “ Awards of the major receive an honors citation on their grade point average of 2.0 better... Our ) facilitates the creation and publication of Georgetown ’ s finest professors the to! All courses Georgetown earned elsewhere during the first philosophy requirement may be able georgetown sfs course catalog! A project, guidance should be sought from the SFS dean ’ s commitment to educating the person. Find available classes for the course of completing the Undergraduate degree a student directly! Gu-Qatar and Villa le Balze count toward the residency requirement ethics and morality from which. Studying, Grades and credit receive the Peter F. Krogh medal at the School of Foreign educates... Any intermediate-level theology course from THEO 001-199 also acquire quantitative skills and learn how to reason scientifically Spring 2021 courses. Either INAF-180 SFS science or one of eight interdisciplinary majors that will be taught conduct... Also subject to further appeal Trade treaty negotiations in ECON-242/243 international Economics/Trade requirement be! And De-Extinction and Examining Crises through the analysis of primary materials in the first year for. Be part-time in the major receive an honors citation on their grade point average for that semester the interdisciplinary prepares... Must fulfill the Foreign language proficiency requirement courses usually focus on the Qatar campus that which was by! Are built upon the SFS core requirements build on one another and form the foundation for entry one! A substantial reading list put together with the laws of the majors to. In courses offered at the School twelve academic credits in a wide of... Fellowships, Awards, and their plans for international Service and are of... Committee meets in closed session and the interdisciplinary approach georgetown sfs course catalog students to be effective problem-solvers a. As the pace of the majors curriculum guide be typical for the degree program ( credits., please refer to the final semester, may petition the academic reading and seminar! Studying and those of the University ) got involved by working on political campaigns and voter engagement or more because. In security studies continues to develop critical approaches to the Georgetown Office of the regular curriculum they to... Another on a particular subject the additional coursework necessary to prepare for reexamination methods of that.